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Raj Kosuri

Raj Kosuri deeply believes in “Simple Living & High Thinking” and possesses extraordinary technical expertise in the field of Information Technology and business acumen. He wears a contagious warm smile on his face, which makes others comfortable with him even before he commences an interaction. Being a family man, he loves spending time with his family and ensures he makes quality time for them religiously. He waits to play his favorite soccer game with his 9-year-old son in his indoor make-shift stadium. He strictly likes to keep his official business countenance and his home disposition far away from each other. He has an undying passion for driving from his youth, and is ready to take to wheels any time of the day. This unique mix in his personality has given him the right recipe to build up his IQ and appetite to run and grow business with the right spirit. Raj believes that sharing knowledge and innovation are among the most effective ways of progressing – especially in the field of Information Technology. As CEO & CTO he has authored Best Practices for Business Rules Integration in 2006 to share his expertise with the world. His chapter on Mobile Application is yet another way to do so. He led his company to the “Deloitte Fast 50 & 500” four years in a row. He was awarded the honor of being named one of the Smart 100 CEOs by SmartCEO Magazine in 2009. In the same year, he introduced “Verdio” the Green PC – which won the NVTC Green Award for Small Business 2010. That was not all, in 2011, Raj released the Climetric Software designed to help Fortune 500 companies with carbon management and accounting. Raj has very optimistically developed the Green Data Center in Danville, VA – spread across 27,000 sq feet to offer cloud computing, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions in a virtualized environment. He plans to generate local employment there for those qualified – allowing them to stay in their hometown and work.