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Pinny Ziegler

Pinny Ziegler started his sales career in 2002, focusing on honesty and dedication for his clients. The current situation in sales, including from a lack of knowledge by a salesperson to a lack of respect for the consumer, hurt Pinny in such a way that he spent countless hours with the best coaches in the business. He was consumed with becoming a salesman who could connect with any type of customer and build a pure relationship on a foundation of trust and mutual respect. His customer’s happiness is just as important, if not more important, than his. More than 10 years after he started in sales, Pinny still consults with coaches and stays current on new techniques that can help him make a real connection. He believes the sale doesn’t end when money is exchanged but, in fact, it’s just the beginning. His passion to inspire people to reach their goals led him to found a support group Focus To Succeed for small business and salesmen based on the foundations needed to succeed - Focus, Creativity and Accountability. Pinny lives in his hometown of Brooklyn, New York with his beautiful and loving wife Fagie and their children. His goal is to raise happy, confident and caring individuals to someday enter the workforce and make the same type of meaningful contributions to the community. “With honesty and integrity, I will do whatever it takes to get the job done right.” – PZ