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Philip Bruley

Philip Bruley is a former US Army Ranger and International Business Consultant who now works full-time as a Certified Life Coach and CrossFit Trainer. He is the founder of Better Dude LLC, through which he is committed to helping other guys live more purposeful and adventurous lives. Philip and his wife Beth split their time between their homes in Myrtle Beach, SC and Greensburg, PA where Beth owns the local Snap 24-Hour Fitness. They also travel frequently both nationally and internationally, where they volunteer their time helping others create better lives. When not coaching or traveling, Philip spends his time stand-up paddle surfing, trail running, hiking and conducting group CrossFit workouts. He also enjoys writing and he has been published in numerous magazines. To contact Philip directly, or to learn more about Better Dude Coaching, please visit him online at: http://BetterDude.com where he publishes regular free information. You can also find him on Facebook at: http://www.Facebook.com/BetterDude.