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Phil Bennett

For over 25 years Phil, has been contributing to a better way of doing it. As a father of three amazing children; a recognized leader in retail management, sales, and marketing; an entrepreneur; developer; writer; speaker; missionary; and volunteer, Phil has been able to use his diverse journey both professionally and personally to achieve expert status in life and people. This has ultimately landed him with a passion for business, personal growth, and success as an entrepreneur. For the last six years he has run as many as 6 service companies at one time and helped many others with market positioning, branding, and gaining the freedom to live a joy filled abundant life outside of the office. Phil is passionate about life and sharing his experience in human performance, human behavior, and how each applies to your business - and more importantly, to your life and relationships. His situational awareness, creative mind, and energy have helped him accomplish much. On May 1, 2010, Phil launched ethicalpro.com—the best place to find a professional business. This site was created to take the fear out of the consumer’s mind and to help answer the question, “Who can I trust?”. Ethical Pro does this by providing a directory of reviewed and rated companies that have signed a code of ethics. Coinciding this launch, Phil is also working on the launch of Prodromos Central—an online community for businesses in the directory. Prodromos provides information on tools and strategies to run a very lucrative company—“get them off the island and into the community”. Phil has also recently agreed to collaborate on the new book, “Game Changer”, with other recognized experts. “Game Changer” will be available in November. “When we understand that all of our activities connect one to another we can leverage each individual activity to the greater whole” ~Philip Bennett