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Peter Bombara

Retirement expert, Peter C. Bombara, is the President of PCB Financial Advisory Group. He specializes in the area of retirement income, wealth preservation, and estate planning. He has helped thousands of individuals throughout the tri-state area retire successfully by using simple strategies that anyone Peter has been involved in many publications, locally and on a national level. He often contributes to FoxBusiness.com and FoxNews.com. He is a proud Author and Co- Author on many financial topics. Peter continues to teach over 200 planners, bankers and insurance agents the basics and advanced strategies on a monthly basis. He has been featured on CNBC and a national radio show A Roadmap to Retirement. Peter and his team of professionals would like to guide you through the financial road blocks that lie ahead in retirement. In today’s economy, the strategies of the past will no longer assure you will have the retirement you hoped for. Their planning process would help determine the proper investment risk that would be appropriate based on your current situation. Most people today have way too much risk in their portfolio and that can be devastating in their financial future. The proper risk often depends on multiple factors that the common investor does not take into consideration. A popular risk factor would be paying too much in fees. Fees can destroy your nest egg and even worse in down markets. Peter and his team are able to help you determine what the real rate of return is, after fees in your portfolio. They have a team that specializes in custom plans that would help you hedge against future inflation. By positioning a portion of your assets into an inflation protection plan, they are able to create an income stream that considers future inflation, and will help you eliminate the fear of running out of money. Having a written plan is more than owning mutual funds, stocks, bonds, or any other financial vehicle. Your investments should be able to work together to decrease your fees, participate in market growth, stabilize your retirement income, and protect what you have worked for. Guarantees in a portfolio will help you maximize what you are currently doing along with peace of mind.