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Paula Frazier

Paula Frazier is an internationally recognized referral marketing expert with over a decade of experience in helping people build powerful personal networks that produce high quality referrals. In just one year, she helped hundreds of business professionals throughout Southwestern Virginia pass along over 19,000 referrals that resulted in over $10 million dollars in transactions. Paula is honored to be one of six elite Master Trainers for Referral Institute®, an international referral training and consulting company. She is also a long time Executive Director for BNI®, the world’s leading business networking organization. Paula is acknowledged as a true leader in her industry and has been awarded for her achievements in market penetration, program development and mentoring. Paula’s networking articles are regularly featured online. She has contributed to books such as THE Book On Business from A to Z, Brainsbook on Networking and is also acknowledged in the New York Times Bestseller, Truth or Delusion—Busting Networking’s Biggest Myths. Paula lives in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains with her husband, Neal, and their teenage children, Neale and Griffin. She considers her family to be one of her greatest successes. Citing the uncommon application of common knowledge as her key to success, Paula is a fourth-generation entrepreneur who has traversed the highs and lows of business ownership and has grown intimately familiar with the risks, rewards, challenges, and excitement of starting business ventures from the ground up. Because of her passion as a small business advocate, Paula’s day…every day… is dedicated to helping future generations make their business dreams a reality.