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Paul Rozzelle

Paul had a vision for providing a sports performance and fitness facility 10 years ago as an athlete in high school and had a vision to provide elite level training to people that normally do not have access to it whether it be financial or geographical. Paul was an active athlete throughout high school being a part of 2 State Championship Golf Teams as well as playing American Legion baseball. Paul went on to Appalachian State University where he graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration with a major in Health Care Management. Paul also participated in both Mountaineer Club Baseball and Golf while at Appalachian State. Paul is a certified Speed and Agility Specialist, Youth Fitness Specialist and Youth Nutrition Specialist. Paul currently is Strength and Conditioning Coach for Catawba Valley Community College Baseball. He also served as an Assistant Coach there in the program’s inaugural year where the team reached a national ranking of 14th in the program’s first year. Paul also is the Speed Coach at Bandy’s High School working with the Football, Baseball and Softball teams. Paul has worked with elite athletes of all levels from Division II to the Professional ranks. Paul, alongside Brent Johnson created the Athlete movement rating, which is utilized in their facility to help grade and access athletes on movement performance. Both coaches are currently working towards bringing this outstanding evaluation tool to facilities and coaches around the world. Paul also serves as the Director of Sports Performance at the Dynamic Fitness and Performance center, which he helped co-found in 2011. This is an all-inclusive facility that not only caters to athletes of all levels, but adults and children as well. Paul also serves as the Head Coach for Athletic Revolution Hickory, which is the youth fitness and performance model that the DFPC uses for kids ages 6-18. Paul is also a devoted member of the International Youth Conditioning Association, which is the worldwide leader in youth fitness and athletic performance. The IYCA validates research and provides appropriate examples of practical application for working with young athletes and youth participants at large. The goal of the IYCA is to establish industry norms with respect to safe, effective and clinically sound means of optimally developing injuryfree, emotionally sound and functionally gifted young athletes and participants. For more information, please visit the following websites: www.dynamicfitnessnc.com and www.athleticrevolutionhickory.com