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Pat Rigsby

Pat Rigsby is an author, consultant and fitness entrepreneur as well as the Co-Owner of over a dozen businesses within the fitness industry. His company, the Fitness Consulting Group, is the leading business development organization in the fitness industry, the Fitness Consulting Group. This company provides resources, coaching programs and consulting to give you everything you need to start or grow your personal training or fitness related business. In addition to his business coaching and consulting work, Pat is also the Co-Owner of two of the leading youth fitness and sports performance companies in the world, Athletic Revolution and the International Youth Conditioning Association. Athletic Revolution, this fastest growing youth fitness and sports performance franchise in the world, was founded due to the need to provide fitness professionals, who sought to serve the Youth Fitness & Sports Performance market, with a systematic approach to developing a successful business that could provide them with the type of career they are seeking, while allowing them to have a profound impact in their community – serving the youth market. You can learn more about the Athletic Revolution Opportunity by going to www.MyAthleticRevolution.com. The International Youth Conditioning Association is the premier international authority with respect to athletic development and youth-participant-based conditioning. An organization that validates research and provides appropriate examples of practical application for working with young athletes and youth participants at large, the IYCA’s goal is to enhance the knowledge of youth sports/fitness professionals and volunteers throughout the world via intensive educational opportunities as well as continuing education requirements. You can learn more about the International Youth Conditioning Association by going to www.IYCA.org. Pat also hosts a number of conferences, webinars and writes a blog and newsletter that reach over 65,000 fitness professionals on the topics of fitness business development, fitness marketing, and other business topics. He has been seen on NBC, ABC, CBS and in the pages of industry publications like Personal Fitness Professional, Club Industry and Club Business International. You can learn more about Pat’s coaching programs and products, or download his collection of free business building gifts by going to: www. FitBusinessInsider.com.