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Olivier Glaudy

Olivier Glaudy was born and raised in Ivory Coast (West Africa). After, living in Italy and France, he moved to the United States where he briefly attended The Colorado Technical University online for a Bachelor degree in Business and Management.

In 2007, after being unemployed for months, he went broke, lost his car and was on the verge to lose his apartment he was living in with his two toddler daughters, Sarah and Grace, when he turned things around by using his last five dollars as seed capital to start Flierboz, his flyers distribution business. What started as a one man operation,turned into a business with three employees and five temporary workers in less than two months,landing deals with franchisee clients like Sicily Pizza, Papa John's, Sarpino's Pizza, Wingzone, just to name a few.

His passion for online and direct marketing led him to being coached by top online and offline marketing gurus such as Frank Kern, Russell Brunson, Dan Kennedy, etc...

In 2012, he launched Roar Marketing Consultants, a marketing and consulting agency based in Houston, Tx.

In 2013,his dedication for social media marketing got him ranked number 16 of the Top 100 Social Media Power Influencers in Houston (http://bit.ly/GRhrO7).

Olivier Glaudy now serves a the Chief Marketing Officer of Roar Marketing Consultants, a Houston-based ad and marketing agency and member of the Power Marketing Consultants Network, the world's largest marketing consultants network.

To help finding a cure for childhood cancer, Olivier Glaudy gives a portion of the proceeds of his book sales to The Battle For A Cure Foundation, a nonprofit organization which funds scientific research and clinical tests to find a cure for childhood cancer.