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Niki Davis

Niki Davis’ Qualifications: Bachelor Of Science-University of Florida-Exercise and Sport Sciences NASM-Performance Enhancement Specialist ACSM-Health Fitness Instructor NSCA-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Triathlon coach and pre/post natal training instructor Niki Davis has been sharing her passion for exercise through personal training and coaching for the last 13 years. She truly believes in changing and improving quality of life though fitness. For the last 10 years she has been working at the RDV Sportsplex Athletic Club in Orlando, Florida. A 365,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility . Her clientele includes teenagers, expectant moms, competitive triathletes and runners, as well as first-time exercisers and seniors. In addition to training at the RDV Sportsplex, she also coordinates their new member orientation program and continuing education for the RDV Sportsplex Fitness staff. Niki has represented the RDV Sportsplex as a fitness expert on local TV “Fitness Tip” spots for Fox 35 News, and on the radio show ‘The Philips File’ on 104.1 FM. Niki herself is a competitive age group triathlete, avid runner, yoga instructor, wife and mother of two very active boys! To contact Niki Davis, check out: www.rdvsportsplex.com or more directly at: www.ndavis@ rdvsportsplex.com 407-916-2543 or [email protected] Niki Davis-Personal Trainer, Performance Coach & Exercise Enthusist