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Nicholas J. Zolfo

Nicholas J Zolfo, “Nick” to most, was born and raised in New York City. The son of career salespeople, Nick began his sales career at an early age. He worked selling candy to the neighborhood kids from the wagon attached to his bicycle at the age of seven, to selling cutlery door-to-door while in his teens. Nick knew then that in one form or another, he would always be in the business of sales. A graduate of St. John’s University, Nick obtained his degree in communications and business in 1992. After spending some years in the corporate sales world, Nick ventured out to start his own business. There were two certainties that Nick quickly understood: First, he needed to generate sales to grow his business. Second, he was not a fan of the “old-school–hard-sales” mentality that he was exposed to throughout his youth. While building his business, Nick found a passion for Networking. He began studying the topic and applying the techniques to a variety of aspects of his life. He also became involved in different organizations, like Industry Associations, the local Chamber of Commerce and especially BNI. BNI is the largest one-person professional networking organization in the world. For over nine years, Nick has been involved in the BNI organization. He started off as a chapter member and then became an area director in New Jersey. One of Nick’s responsibilities as an area director is training and mentoring other business professionals on the art of networking. Nick is also involved in the development and presentation of business seminars. Nick is now sharing his knowledge and experiences through the written word by embarking as an author with his first venture as a contributing author for the book ~ Building the Ultimate Network.