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Mike Lafido and Linda Feinstein

Michael LaFido and Linda Feinstein have both been recognized as two of the best real estate brokers and marketers in the country. Focusing their business on helping sellers sell their home fast and for top dollar…even in this new economy.

With Michael marketing system, sellers get their 201 point marketing plan and all the techniques discovered in their research that’ll allows sellers to sell their home in as little as 39 days for up to 18% more. Linda was the 68th largest producing agent last year in the entire country. All of Michaels systems were developed after they interviewed and shadowed the countries best Realtors for the course of almost 6 years. Their office is the only real estate office in the state of Illinois that offers the Verified House selling system.

For more information visit VerifiedHouse.com

Contact Mike Lafido:
phone: 630-571-1752
1101 W Lake Street
1st Floor
Chicago, IL 60607