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Mike Koenigs

Mike is the author of the #1 Bestselling book "Author Expert Marketing Machines" and "Instant Customer Revolution", a book about how to become a highly paid small business-marketing consultant with cutting-edge mobile, video and social media tools.

He executive produced "Bill's Gun Shop", an independent feature film that was distributed by Warner Brothers and produced a feature documentary, "LifeWithTesla" about living gas-free with an electric car charged by the Sun. That documentary is available free at www.LifeWithTesla.com.

Originally from Eagle Lake, Minnesota, Mike lives in San Diego, California with his wife and son. He loves the ocean, is an avid boater, fisherman, plays the "didgeridoo" and a variety of other instruments. He strongly dislikes like the smell and taste of canned tuna, egg salad and Brussels sprouts. Mike can be reached at his personal web site at www.MikeKoenigs.com.

Connect With Me

Facebook: www.FaceBook.com/koenigs Twitter: @MikeKoenigs Linked In: www.linkedin.com/in/mikekoenigs YouTube: www.YouTube.com/KoenigsMike Google Plus: plus.Google.com/+MikeKoenigs