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Michelle Becher, D.O., FACOOG

Dr. Michelle Becher, D.O., FACOOG focuses on patient-care excellence with the same level of passion and love she gives to her three amazing daughters and husband of 20 years. A national speaker on health care and leadership topics, she is an inspiration to everyone who knows her. Dr. Becher is a Fellow in the American College of Osteopathic Obstetricians and Gynecologists, a member of the American Osteopathic Association, and Chief of Minimally Invasive Surgery at Sparrow Carson Hospital in Michigan. A board-certified obstetrical-gynecologist (OB), she provides a full range of services at her multiple practice locations. She completed her residency in OB at Metropolitan Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and her medical degree from Michigan State University-College of Osteopathic Medicine. Her ties to Sparrow Carson Hospital run deep; known as Carson City Hospital for 75 years, Dr. Becher has had an affiliation here for decades. Her father-in-law and mentor – Dr. Lawrence Brown – also served in various leadership roles at this same hospital from 1987 until his death in 2009. Active, engaged and present in everything she does, Dr. Becher does not feel the modern- day pressure to “find balance” in her life, because she has achieved it intuitively and organically by always following her heart, doing what she loves, caring deeply about her patients and being the “captain” of her patients’ care. She lives this natural balance every day by focusing on relationships and spending time with the people that matter to her. When she’s not managing her many businesses, she enjoys downhill skiing, traveling the world, running 5K races, and reading books and blogs celebrating leadership and relationship-building. The life she has built as an obstetrical gynecologist, a surgeon, and as a successful business owner with OB-GYN and medical spa services throughout Michigan, has made her a well-known, respected leader with a reputation for excellence in her community. Her focus on creating a unique space within which to care for her patients – gorgeous fixtures and décor in her offices, themed exam rooms featuring beachscapes and diamonds – has made her a natural at attracting local media attention and “wowing” her patients. But it’s the personal attention, clinical attention to detail and a desire to always advocate for and do what is best for her patients that has made her a loved and sought-after medical professional for decades. Her staff members also get to come along for the ride with their inspirational captain. Four times a year, Dr. Becher coordinates and manages fun, team-building events for her staff and the Sparrow Carson Hospital obstetrical staff. She’s known for her creative approaches to supporting community fundraising events, and for bringing her team on exciting field trips that enrich their perspectives. If you’d like to invite Dr. Becher to speak on health care topics important to women, or to speak about how to be an inspiring leader, please contact her at: Michelle Becher, D.O., FACOOG Center for Women’s HealthCare 639 E. Main St., Carson City, MI 48811 989.584.3107 [email protected] Please visit her online at one of her practice websites: www.cfwhc.com or www.iwimedspa.com