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Michael Mazzella

Michael Mazzella is a nationally known Real Estate Investor, author, and millionaire mentor, who bought his first property in 1993. After flipping a foreclosure property for a quick profit, Michael gave notice at work and has been ‘happily unemployed’ ever since. The rest is history. Today, Michael is one of Hawaii’s most active real estate investors, and owns residential and commercial properties from the Hawaiian Islands to the US East coast. Michael invests to win – he does not ‘follow the herd.’ Over the past decade he has developed and refined his own savvy investing strategies, in both up and down markets, and as a result of these techniques, has never lost money in a deal. In 2004, Michael started a training company, Honolulu Mentor (www.HonoluluMentor.com) and began sharing his strategies, which are not taught anywhere else. Michael is also a highly sought-after speaker and mentor, and has trained thousands of students across the nation. Graduates of his Millionaire Mentor course enjoy a high success rate, and include an expanding list of real estate millionaires. Rather than using banks, Michael uses cash from private individuals to fund his investing operations. His private lenders earn up to 12% while their investment is secured by real estate. If you would like more information about joining Michael’s elite team of private lending partners, contact him at: [email protected]. Michael lives in Honolulu, HI, with his wife and 3 children. He hosts a weekly radio & television show, and enjoys working out and playing with his children.