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Meg Rentschler

Meg Rentschler helps clients talk in a way that encourages others to listen. As an executive coach she is dedicated to assisting her clients in meeting their professional and personal goals as well as aligning the individual’s goals with that of the organization. She works with her clients to identify areas of growth to build confidence, take leadership to the next level, and reduce roadblocks that get in the way. In her work as a professional coach, Meg has worked with clients at all levels of experience and age ranges. She helps her clients strengthen communication skills, manage time and effectiveness, improve relationships and increase professional presence. Since 1986, Meg has worked with clients to improve their relationships, productivity and overall effectiveness. In her experience the core to success is in effective communication. Meg helps her clients to identify goals and desired outcomes, to maximize inherent strengths, as well as address the challenges at hand. Coming from a background of over twenty-five years as an individual and group therapist, Meg has the experience to help her clients understand and make changes in behaviors that are not serving them as well as improve relationship dynamics in the workplace. Her knowledge of human behavior and her ability to work with individuals with a myriad of issues has proven invaluable for the companies with whom she works – whether addressing the operations of the business or taking leadership to the next level. Meg graduated with her Master of Social Work from the University of Michigan and earned her Bachelor of Science from Michigan State University. She holds a Graduate Certificate in Executive and Professional Coaching from the University of Texas at Dallas and is a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation. Meg uses a variety of assessments and tools in her work with executives and teams depending upon the needs within each situation. Meg’s experience stretches across industries, having worked with clients in transportation, technology, insurance, financial, healthcare and service industries. She is currently on faculty at the University of Texas at Dallas in the Graduate Program for Executive and Professional Coaching. You can connect with Meg at: www.afocusonresults.com [email protected] www.twitter.com/AFocusonResults www.linkedin.com/MegRentschler