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May Bagnell

Becoming personally involved with each of her clients, the versatile visual artist, life coach and personal brand leader, May Bagnell, has created a powerful niche as an in-demand lifestyle portrait and brand photographer. When May tells her subjects that they’ve entered the “no pose zone,” this is their cue to smile, relax and simply enjoy the moment. Her unique artistry will do the rest—and make every memory live vibrantly in the process. Her storytelling ability to capture visual poetry is evident as she documents the lives of her client’s life celebrations, brands, and dreams through Personal Branding and Coaching that leads to inspiring documentary films and imagery. One of the most fascinating aspects of this ambitious entrepreneur’s emergence as a world-class photographer and coach is the unexpected, serendipitous way her lifelong passion became a busy full-time career. Growing up in Miami, she developed a love for photography and people from an early age, inspired by her physician father, who took the family on numerous trips for vacations and medical conferences and shot hundreds of pictures to chronicle their adventures. May’s favorite photos were those that captured life’s happy moments, catching people in joy and fully expressed -- images that collectively told a story. “The way it happened was like a dream come true for me,” says May. “It’s a career that is a joy to wake up to and do every day. Besides being personally fulfilling, the big payoff for me is bringing delight to the clients I am privileged to serve. My coaching work along with my photography work is very lifestyle-based. I’m always living moment- to-moment looking for that spark and personality that illuminates the day and allows me to best help my client really “see” themselves. Looking back, one of the most serendipitous things about my life is that the act of helping women with the birthing process, in my early career as a birth coach, in turn actually birthed my career in life coaching. I discovered that I could nurture this dream and love every moment of making it come alive and grow over the years. I am a true believer that everything shapes us.” May, an International Coach and Photographer, has been mentored by some of the best in the industry. She has been taught by the Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention, Divine Living’s Gina DeVee, Landmark Education and others. May Bagnell works with her clients to move past limitations, embrace what is possible and tell their stories in a compelling way. A big believer in paying it forward, May enjoys speaking and teaching about her experiences as a photographer, entrepreneur and her journey with God. “My heart’s desire,” she says, “is to encourage others that there is a divine plan. Being a part of creating what’s possible we can help budding dreamers achieve their goals. It’s all about finding where that passion lies, and it’s wonderful to watch other women like me grow into their own God-given dreams.” You can connect with May Bagnell at: [email protected]