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Matthew Lee

Matthew Lee, also known as “America’s Home Ownership & Wealth Expert™”, is a best-selling author and business growth coach who is regularly sought out by the media for his out-of-thebox insight on real estate, credit scoring, business growth, wealth creation, and personal growth. Matthew is co-founder of The Path to Home Ownership Blueprint™. The Path to Home Ownership Blueprint™ is the only program of its kind to help renters overcome credit and down payment challenges to become homeowners while they build a foundation for wealth creation. The idea for creating The Path to Home Ownership Blueprint™ came out of the need for middle income Americans not just to buy a home but to really learn the fundamentals to get ahead financially and secure a better financial future. The Path to Home Ownership Blueprint™ is a five-step proprietary process that uses a multipronged approach to help clients become homeowners while simultaneously helping them develop the skills necessary for wealth creation and helping them gain access to a team of experts to help them in fulfilling a successful financial plan. Critically acclaimed as the “The Concierge System for Home Ownership & Wealth Creation”, The Path to Home Ownership Blueprint™ is just that, because there is no other system that combines education and expert guidance in a simple system for the average American to get ahead financially. To learn more about Matthew Lee, America’s Home Ownership & Wealth Expert™, www.ThePathToHomeOwnership.com.