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Matt Luxton

Matt Luxton, also known as ‘The Functional Training Specialist,’ is a health and fitness expert that is regularly sought after by his communities both in his home region in the South West of the United Kingdom and online for his systems that really work when it comes to health, fitness and fat loss. Matt is the founder of Functionally Aware Fitness Personal Training Studios, creator of the Hot to Trot Nutritional Plan and author of The Equestrian Athlete Plan and Hot to Trot Cookbook. Matt has written articles for his readers through paper and magazine articles. Matt is known for his holistic approach to health that places his clientele’s long-term wellbeing as paramount with fitness and fat loss a natural occurrence through his training systems. Matt founded FA Fitness Personal Training back in 2008 and since then has gone on to create the Blast Fat Loss Formula. This has manifested itself in the Blast Fat Loss Mentorship, a 28-Day Online programme that empowers clients to make health based decisions for the rest of their lives. To learn more about Matt and his Blast Training Systems, please head to: www.fa-fitness.co.uk – where you can receive the FREE special report The 7 Sins of Fat Loss.