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Marshon Thomas

Marshon Thomas has founded a Christian-based matchmaking and life coaching business named Matchmakers Plus. Matchmakers Plus is located in Brentwood, CA. Marshon was the previous founder/pastoral counselor of Shiloh Christian Ministries, a non-profit dedicated to pastoral counseling and raising money for charities. He has a certificate in pastoral counseling and an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity from World Christianship Ministries. Marshon is a Certified Life Coach who received his certification from Fowler Wainwright International. He received his matchmaking training from the Matchmaking Institute. Marshon has written articles for yourtango.com and for more.com. Marshon Thomas has over 10 years experience as a pastoral counselor and continues to encourage others through Christ. Marshon became a help professional because he truly believes that God put him on this earth to help others. I feel that when you bless others with a pure heart, you will be blessed in return, ~ Marshon Thomas.