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Mark C. Blane, Esq.

California trial lawyer, Mark C. Blane is a solopracticing attorney, and legal author, that specializes in personal injury law in downtown San Diego, California. A few of his previous literary works include “The Ten Secrets You Need To Know About Regarding Your Injury Case, Before You Call A Lawyer,” also available in Spanish as “Los Diez Secretos Que Necesita Saber Sobre Su Caso De Lesión, Antes De Llamar a Un Abogado,” and “Justice For The Injured Child: A Parent’s Legal Survival Guide For Their Child’s California Accident Case.” He was born and partly raised in Bremerhaven, Germany, eventually moving to Louisiana where he graduated from Louisiana State University in Shreveport with two degrees, one in Psychology in May 1994, and the other in Criminal Justice in August 1995, and went on to earn a law degree (J.D.) from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego in December 1998. He speaks both German and Spanish fluently. He has remained in San Diego ever since, and he was admitted to the California State bar since June 1999; he has also been admitted to the Minnesota and Texas State Bars, in addition to various Federal Courts across the United States. Mr. Blane represents people in Southern California who have been injured by the negligence of others due to defective products, automobile/motorcycle accidents, slip and falls, and other various accidents that have caused catastrophic loss. He finds himself against some of the largest insurance companies across the United States, in addition to some of the most respectful defense law firms in California. Mr. Blane recognized early in his career that he wanted to represent ordinary people instead of corporate interests. He enjoys the courtroom and understands the necessity of having jury trials available when needed to right the wrongs of those injured by the negligence of others. By practicing personal injury law, he is able to combine his two passions: law and human anatomy science. He further understands that not every injury case will need a lawyer, but every injury case, no matter how minor, should be discussed with good legal counsel. The initial consult he provides is always without charge, and he works exclusively on a contingency fee basis with all of his cases. This means if he accepts and works on an injury case, he only charges a fee when he successfully resolves the case; otherwise there is no charge for his legal services. Thus, there is no financial risk to the client. Some of his early successes have been featured in National Publications and Legal Journals including the San Diego Business Journal, National Jurist Magazine, the ABA Journal, and the Shreveport Times (Louisiana), to name but a few. He has litigated, and continues to litigate, cases against some of America’s biggest Corporations including: Ford/Firestone (Defective Tire/Ford Roll-Over Cases); Amercian Home Products, Inc., drug makers of the once popular diet drug Fen-Phen; Johnson & Johnson, Inc.; and most recently against both Merck, Inc., drug makers of the heart drug Vioxx, and Metabolife, Inc., the San Diego based drug makers of the once popular ephedra based diet-drug of the same name. He was one of the first plaintiff attorneys in the U.S. to successfully settle against Ford/Firestone in California/Texas in the widely reported “tire defect/roll-over cases” in 2001. All of his clients in the above litigation suffered from heart valve injuries; spinal cord injuries; liver and brain injuries. His focal area includes serious injuries of the Brain/Spinal Cord, Loss Motion Segment Integrity of the Spine/Vertebrae, and effectively documenting these injuries for the insurance company, and jury if necessary. This includes properly digitizing MRI/X-ray findings in order to appropriately document injury “impairment” by utilizing Permanent Impairment Ratings per the American Medical Association (AMA), 5th Edition. He is a master of the AMA 5th Edition, a medical assessment used worldwide to document medical impairment; and he is one of the few personal injury trial attorneys in the United States that have knowledge of utilizing this particular type of powerful medical documentation to prove medical damages in all injury/accident claims. Thus, he is proud to have set a “new bar” in terms of representing his injured clients with powerful results. Moreover, he is very effective in communicating this medical documentation to the jury should litigation become necessary. He works closely with both medical doctors and chiropractors including an entire spectrum of other doctors that best benefit his clients’ individual injuries and needs. He is always mindful that every case needs careful and detailed documentation for not only the adjuster handling the claim, but for the jury that may need to see each aspect of an injury in straight-forward terms. As he is fond of saying, “appropriately and properly documenting the medical impairment of any given injury makes all the legal difference in the world.” His law office is primarily comprised of a team of paralegals, and one Of Counsel attorney member. He likes keeping his legal team small and approachable; he makes sure his clients get his personal attention. In fact, when you become a client with his law firm, you meet with Mr. Blane directly; he never delegates a first meeting to an associate or paralegal team member. Since all of his clients have been injured in some way, he is extremely proactive in documenting the medical care each client receives. This is extremely important as he knows how most insurance companies utilize a computer software program to ascertain case value on a given injury. CONTACT INFORMATION FOR ATTORNEY MARK C. BLANE Mr. Blane and his legal staff speak Spanish, and his law offices are located in downtown San Diego. He can be reached Toll Free at (888) 845-6269, or direct at (619) 813-7955. You can also find him on the web at www.blanelaw.com.