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Marco Kozlowski

Marco Kozlowski is considered to be one of the world’s leading experts on delegation and systems process engineering. He is currently an owner in a wide variety of successful companies. From his work with holistic centers and cancer research facilities to private business consulting to recording companies, Marco’s methodology has delivered proven results. His business success began in the niche market of luxury real estate, where he built a multi-million-dollar company from scratch and without start-up capital. Marco then leveraged the knowledge he obtained to systematize and solidify the business process system that he teaches to business owners across the globe today. WTF!: A title as bold as Marco. Wealth: The Formula teaches business owners how to structure their businesses in a way that maximizes profit and compensation for the business owner and every single member of the team. WTF is Marco’s codified and proven system for building wealth in any business or industry. This is the same formula that he developed himself and used to build 12 multi-million-dollar companies, companies with only a few employees or none whatsoever. That’s right! In the vein of Sir Richard Branson, Marco has mastered the art of delegation. His delegation methodology allows him to spend more time doing what he loves to do: HELPING OTHERS! His businesses run effectively and efficiently, while he is able to live a life that he is passionate about. Marco, who entered adulthood as a struggling musician, and the father of four children, is now known to audiences and media outlets alike as “The Top Powerful Speaker in the World.” Marco uses his speaking talents to educate other business owners on the absolute best methodology for optimizing the profits of all involved parties. The formula for wealth has been identified and tested. His revolutionary system allows other business owners to create the same stability and success he has experienced.