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Marc Kent

Marc Kent is a qualified Sports Therapist and advanced Personal Trainer with a Masters in Personal Training. He runs a training facility in North Devon, UK, where he coaches clients on a one-to-one, group training and bootcamp basis. Originally from Carlisle, Marc moved to North Devon whilst serving as a Royal Marines Commando. Marc has trained athletically and played sports since he was a child. At school, he started his own football team and played hockey. However, he always wanted to race motorbikes competitively and did this for two years. He then decided that his fitness goals needed a tougher target and joined the Marines in 2001. His goal was to enjoy the challenge of pushing his fitness to the limit and seeing how much his body could adapt to. Whilst serving as a Royal Marines Commando, Marc sustained an injury which eventually resulted in him no longer being able to take part in long endurance runs or high-impact exercise. Despite this limitation, Marc was determined to find a way to remain as fit as he'd been in the Marines. After 7 years in the forces, he left and decided to train to become a PT. He'd always been the person his friends and family turned to for fitness, training and nutrition advice, and wanted to be qualified to give the best advice possible. Marc had to develop a way to keep very fit without leaning on long cardio sessions. He began to put together his signature programmes incorporating kettlebells, sprint work, body weight exercises and high intensity training. Marc qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2007 and went on to complete a Masters in Personal Training. Further to that, he studied Sports Therapy, gaining a distinction. He opened his North Devon studio in 2009, offering bootcamps, one-on-one and group personal training, sports therapy, rehabilitation and massage. Clients all want fat-loss, which Marc's system delivers, but Marc sees a lot of postural problems brought about by sedentary working. All of his programmes are developed to improve posture by using free weights and body weight exercises in a functional way. His bootcamp clients lose, on average, 35lbs over the course and one client lost 56lbs in 6 months! Marc's philosophy to training is "train hard, eat smart", meaning train as hard as you can and eat foods as close to their natural state 90% of the time. He feels people should live for now but keep fit for the future. His ultimate goal is to be a fitness consultant and mentor for other personal trainers.