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Malin Carlberg

Founded in 2012, Aspasia Capital is a natural development of Aspasia Foundation (founded 2011). Aspasia Capital Inc is a service, information and consulting company, advising on the subjects of financial strategies, holistic financial development and international funding primarily for humanitarian organizations. Aspasia Capital Inc is the commercial side of Aspasia Foundation. Aspasia Capital Inc has exclusive mandateship negotiating and initiating contracts on behalf of and for assets of Aspasia Foundation. To date Aspasia Capital Inc holds manadateships for assets in a total over 200B USD.

Aspasia Foundation is a non-profit organization which sole purpose is to initiate, assist and educate in areas of business development, entrepreneurship, funding and financing for the local communities and after natural or financial disasters. All excessive profits go to the programs of Aspasia Foundation and other partnering help organizations worldwide.