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Madeline Ross

Prior to founding The SuperSlow Zone, Madeline was the CEO of Gylanix Institute, where, over a period of 6 years, she designed and delivered the business systems that are being implemented in all of The SuperSlow Zone franchises. In doing so, she worked closely with Ken Hutchins and approximately forty SuperSlow and non-SuperSlow facilities which served as real-world business and market laboratories for testing and refining all the business systems that constitute a successful turnkey franchise.

In addition to her experience in the health and fitness industry, Madeline brings to The SuperSlow Zone more than 15 years experience as an executive coach, entrepreneur, educator, and speaker. She has worked with organizations in the USA, Europe and Latin America where she designed and deployed a systems approach to sales, quality assurance, customer satisfaction, referral stimulation, and internal and external marketing.

Madeline studied leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation with Hecht and Associates in San Jose, California, and completed fives years of study at The Center for the Study of Somatics and Leadership culminating in her certification as a Somatics Coach. She earned a BA at Colorado College, and an MBA at Kennedy Western University.