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Lynne Marchant

Lynne Marchant, Faith Expert. When audiences are listening to Lynne they often wonder where is she from...Australia? Ireland? Liverpool, England? None of the above! She was born and raised in Yorkshire, in the North East of England and emigrated to Canada when she was 19 to begin an adventure that is ongoing. Lynne describes her accent as “British Allsorts,” having learned to slow down her speech, but the lilt is still there, making her pleasant to hear. Lynne spent time earlier in life raising her two daughters and then re-entered the work force in the field of Human Resources. During the seven years in that industry, God was calling her to something else! The best-kept secret about Lynne is that she is an ordained priest in the Anglican Church of Canada (Episcopalian). She was ordained in 1997 and has spent her time serving two different congregations in the Diocese of Niagara, Ontario, Canada. Her sense of humor and down to earth style make her in much demand in her parish, the wider church, and as a conference speaker. Lynne’s daily life and work puts her in touch with many people who may be joyfully celebrating the birth of a child, wish to be married, or may be struggling through life dealing with illness, divorce, or death. Sharing their stories with her makes the struggles more bearable. Lynne’s compassion for others and passion for life make her a good listener; and a trouble shared is a trouble halved! Being honored and privileged to enter into sacred space and sacred journeys with people feeds Lynne’s soul and has provided her with a plethora of stories and insights about life and living in the moment that adds to her ability to inspire and teach others—one on one, in workshops, or in large groups as a motivational speaker for both business and church land. Vivian Green said, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” And that is just what Lynne did when her life took an unexpected twist, She learned to ballroom dance! You name it—waltz, tango, foxtrot, quickstep, cha cha, rhumba, mambo, jive. Dancing with the Stars, here she comes! Just put on some music and watch her wind up and go! If she is not on the dance floor you will find her out on the trails, hiking. Did I mention that she is also a Personal Trainer with CanFitPro? Lynne’s zest for life, adventure and travel have taken her to the rooftop of Africa, climbing all 19, 350’ of Mount Kilimanjaro; she has walked the famous El Camino de Santiago in Spain – twice; she has trekked to Base Camp Everest in Nepal and walked Coast to Coast across England following A. Wainwright’s path. blockaGeS to SucceSS: Faith FilterS & Spiritual conStipation If you would like to track Lynne down, you can reach her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, at stjohnsniagarafalls.ca or via The Diocese of Niagara. “One should always have a definite objective, in a walk as in life. It is so much more satisfying to reach a target by personal effort than to wander aimlessly....life without ambition is...well, aimless wandering.” - A. Wainwright, A Coast to Coast Walk