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Lynn Leach

Lynn has been married to her husband Norman for 41 years, and they have 3 sons and 6 granddaughters. She has been involved in direct sales / network marketing for 45 years. She also has 13 years of experience in restaurant management. Her 44 years of ministry include serving on the board of directors in leadership positions for 8 large organizations and also 3 national secular non profit organizations. She served as pastor of Mars Hill Baptist Church and was a gospel clown and had a puppet ministry. She now uses network marketing as a ministry to help families, ministers and missionaries, and as a fundraiser to help non profit organizations and churches. Marketing and teaching are two of Lynn's strengths, and she has developed her own training program to help people understand how to build their home businesses. Because she understands what a toxic world we live in, she has embraced the Q philosophy of maintaining our life essentials -- our air, water and nutrition. She was the first to achieve the rank of Premier, the highest position in Q International, Inc. Lynn is passionate about all natural healing -- on all levels: physical, emotional, relational, spiritual and financial. She owns Common Scents Health Research & Wellness Centers and is an aromatherapist and massage therapist. She specializes in essential oil science concentrating on emotional release, all natural pain management and all natural first aide. You can reach lynn at 724-292-8481 or email her at [email protected]. Her corporate website is www.qinternational.com/lynn