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Louis Cervantez

Louis Cervantez graduated from Utah State University and acquired his Post-Baccalaureate from Oregon State University. He acquired customer and sales skills as an Assistant Vice President and Manager for a bank in Salt Lake City, Utah. Despite a car accident by a drugged driver, Louis persevered in trying to recover and as time has marched on, the neck and spine have progressively gotten worse. Through his faith and education on the challenge he has worked with the doctors to control and manage the increased pain and functionality. In Las Vegas, Nevada, Louis and his wife have two businesses. Advanced Sonography Inc. provides Ultrasound Sonographers to Physicians. This allows the physician to see more patients and lessens the physician’s overhead by not having to pay for expensive Sonographers, especially if they do not have a lot of Ultrasounds done. The second business, “Oh Baby Baby” is for entertainment purposes only – “4-D Ultrasound” – and newborn-to-toddler attire boutique at a Mall in Henderson, Nevada. Expectant mothers and families can enjoy “a womb with a view,” through an 80- inch monitor. The Ultrasound room is set up like a family living room. Mother-to-be and father and sometimes-whole families including grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins come to see the baby. The primary question asked. . . what is it? Boy or girl? Others are in the hopper! Louis has enjoyed politics and Public Speaking and has given a few campaign speeches. He also has a love for law, saying it is sometimes easier to remember statutes as opposed to birthdays. His strong points: Leadership and developing businesses. Louis can be contacted at: [email protected] www.facebook.com/louiscervantez LinkedIn:www.linkedin.com/pub/cervantez-louis-a/4b/741/92a