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Lou Ray Robinson

Lou Ray Robinson is a Veteran Army Officer currently working to build a business coaching platform that will benefit businesses in the areas of people growth. Lou Ray is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point with a degree in Computer Science.

Lou Ray is highly relatable due to an eclectic and diverse background that includes being a mentor for a group of people with the highest suicide rate in the country, learning to read Hebrew, Greek, and French, and even powerlifting. Lou Ray is also a Seminarian finishing up her final two courses for her Organizational Leadership Master’s Degree in order to pursue other interests outside of the coaching platform. These interests include Chaplaincy in the Army Reserves and leadership over a large organization. Well-traveled across 39 States and 9 countries, including assignments in Korea, Fort Hood, and at the Pentagon, Lou Ray’s experience generates a unique combination of expertise that includes over 16 years of substantial leadership experience.

Lou Ray’s passion is to help individuals achieve their best in spite of the current circumstances they may find themselves in. Lou Ray’s slogan is People First, Mission Always.

You can connect with Lou Ray at:
mail to: [email protected]