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Lisa Fox Bail, CK

Lisa Fox Bail has a passion for helping people feel better and educating the public about their health. A Kinesiologist and human movement specialist, Lisa has an honors science degree from the University of Guelph. During her studies, she began helping clients as a personal trainer and then moved into a rehab setting – assisting people who had been involved in motor vehicle accidents as well as those who had experienced workplace injuries. She now combines the two disciplines and incorporates rehab activities into her training sessions. She has a thirst for knowledge and has many specialized certifications in areas such as Pilates, Pre & Post- Natal Yoga, Pre & Post-Natal Exercise, Older Adult Exercise, Nutrition & Wellness, Functional Assessment & Graduated Exercise, and Advanced Exercise Prescription. Lisa began her own business, Health Appeal, in 2007 while looking for an innovative way to improve people’s lives through health and wellness. She currently offers specialized small group classes and individual training. She especially enjoys working with pregnant women and new moms and their babies. As a mom herself she understands all of the joys and challenges that these years bring and loves to help navigate women through them. She loves nothing more than to help empower her clients to be advocates for their own health and teach them the tools they need to do so. Although Lisa lives on a farm in southwestern Ontario, Canada, she aspires to bring her message to more women via the wonders of the Internet. Lisa regularly provides tips for moms and easily digestible health information on her blog and through social media. You can learn more about Lisa and Health Appeal by checking out her website (www.healthappeal.ca), following her on Twitter (@HealthAppeal) or ‘liking’ her on Facebook (www.facebook.com/HealthAppeal). Or just shoot her an email to [email protected]