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Lisa Adams

Shane and Lisa Adams believe in the power of people – especially the power of dynamic entrepreneurs who are dedicated to small business success. For over twenty years, this husband-and-wife team has devoted themselves to mastering the intricacies of the small business world, experiencing it first-hand as owners, developers and strategic performance coaches. Along the way, they’ve learned exactly what it takes to launch a company, to prosper as a successful entrepreneur, and even to turn mom-and-pop start-ups into multimillion dollar enterprises. Their passion is helping business owners realize dreams. The Adams’s various companies have been continually recognized as industry leaders by many national publications. Their latest dream child is Thrive Partnership, launched in 2006 to help entrepreneurs innovate, focus and transform their business to the next level of growth and profitability. Thrive Partnership teams with business owners to help them define their goals, clarify their vision and chart a course of action for fast results and a sustainable competitive edge. The Thrive Academy of Entrepreneurship’s services include strategic planning, leadership development, process improvement, marketing strategies and facilitating a wide range of targeted mastermind groups and workshops geared towards seasoned entrepreneurs. Prior to launching Thrive, Shane Adams spent 22 years in the construction industry as the President of Grand Floridian Builders. He launched this luxury custom homebuilding business as a start-up, and under his leadership, the company became one of America’s premier custom homebuilders, with projects featured in top architectural magazines. Lisa Adams has a background in Advanced Learning Principles and a B.A. in Education from FIU. Her success as a small business founder and owner led to her inclusion in the 2003 edition of the Who’s Who Worldwide Registry of Business Leaders. More recently, for her work with some of the largest companies in Northern Florida, she was named the 2009 Beach Chamber of Commerce Small Business Person of the Year. The Adamses live in Panama City Beach, Florida where they share a passion for excellence, travel and new experiences. To learn more about them, and to receive a complimentary special report and “The Thrive-onomics Index” to help you identify your best business strengths, visit www.mythrivecoach.com or call (850) 230-2756.