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Linda Cochran

Linda Cochran is one of Michigan’s Premier Tax Accountants and is a “tax savings and tax resolution expert.” She is persistent with the IRS (she doesn’t back down from the IRS or take no for an answer if she is convinced she is right), knowledgeable, and experienced. She has been an accountant for over 30 years. Her office and staff is in Flint, Michigan where she serves several hundred accounting and tax clients. Over the years, Linda has advised hundreds of small businesses how to save thousands of dollars in taxes by using strategy and tax deductions that they simply were not aware of. Her ultimate joy in life is using her skills helping people who are unequipped to help themselves when it comes to taxes and accounting. She is also a published author of: Fighting Back! How To Pay The IRS On Your Terms! Contact Information: Cochran Tax Service, Inc. 2501 S. Dye Rd., Ste. C Flint, MI 48532 Phone: 810-720-5520 Fax: 810-720-5520 Web: cochrantax.com E-mail:[email protected]