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Leslie Montgomery

Leslie Montgomery is becoming known as “The Fashion Stylist for Social Media” branding and marketing. She came to social media from the Fashion industry. Leslie says, “Fashion has been my career and passion – people, places, product, celebrity and philanthropy. It’s marketing, sales and relationships. It’s an extroverted, energetic and exciting business where creativity and analytics intersect. Sound familiar?” Although Leslie’s entrance into the social media industry was “fashionable late,” she is a quick study and is creating a niche branding style with her company Tournant Inc. Tournant Inc, which means “Turning Point,” seems a kind of metaphor for exactly what people look to Leslie to achieve. Clients are ready for a brand change and social media marketing. Leslie accesses the brand, evaluates the brand image, determines niche opportunities and fashions the perfect branding style, web presence and social media marketing platforms. Hobnob, Mingle, or Schmooze? is Leslie’s first contribution as a social media author. The chapter collaboration in the new book Social Media Marketing in The Relationship Age has been an awesome experience and opportunity. To learn more about Leslie Montgomery, “The Fashion Stylist for Social Media,” visit the new web hub coming soon at http://tournantinc.com or call +1-215-794-7908.