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Lesley Sullivan

To say that Lesley Sullivan is a dog-enthusiast is an understatement. Her passion, knowledge and love for dogs started at a very early age. Her goal in life was to always be in the company of dogs. Born in Bedfordshire, England. Lesley is no stranger to dog behavior, having spent many years as a kennel maid for racing greyhounds, service dog trainer, shelter assistant and veterinarian technician. Her passion for advising and helping people and to encourage a healthy lifestyle for dogs and owners has developed into a thriving business for Lesley Sullivan. She has decades of experience working with dogs and studying dog behavior and is now focused on socialization of dogs. Lesley lectures nationally sharing her knowledge and passion on the art of dog social behavior with an emphasis on successful social situations and pack integration. Prior to starting her pet sitting business, Lesley Sullivan followed her passion for art. She attended the Hammersmith School of Arts and then travelled to America to attend the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. A wonderful job opportunity with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra allowed Lesley to enjoy her love for classical music, giving her time to reflect on her future. On a trip to Virginia Lesley met her husband and decided to settle down and raise their son. Since 1998, Lesley has become a national leader in the pet sitting industry, combining her love of dogs with running a bed and biscuit inn, teaching group classes for pet owners and writing books about dog behavior. Lesley Sullivan whose high-spirited, outgoing personality and knowledge of dogs now looks to explore online classes for those who wish to own and operate their own in home boarding facility. Her mission is to teach the importance of cage free boarding for the health and wellbeing of all dogs, allowing the owners stress free travels for when they cannot be with their dogs. If you wish to be notified of upcoming online courses on how to run your own bed & biscuit inn, please email. [email protected].