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Laura Fulford

Laura Fulford, Weight Loss Coach to the Christian Community, is a refreshingly honest, practical and seasoned wellness expert. Whether one-on-one, or in her group programs, Laura connects her clients to permanent success by teaching them how to get it done, once and for all. The Stop Dieting for Life Program is a comprehensive approach designed to support you to your goal and teach you how to sustain it. Laura is the author of Lose It For Good: 7 Ways to Slim Down without Dieting. Contact information: www.StopDietingForLife.com. This guidebook offers seven things believers in Christ must do to achieve permanent weight loss. The Bible says “There is nothing new under the sun,” and this is certainly true of weight loss programs. Spin them any way you want to and they are all the same. No product or program in and of itself can make a person lose weight successfully. So what does? Laura’s passion for helping people overcome their struggles with weight arose from her own experience. Her battle with her weight began in childhood and continued throughout her life. In spite of all the time that the struggle plagued her, she recognized gratefully that it was this struggle that drove her deeper in her relationship with God. The answers she discovered ultimately shaped her not just physically, but more importantly, spiritually. She learned that her deepest issues were spiritual, yet they showed up in physical ways, like overeating in response to stress or for comfort, and then over-exercising to try to compensate. As the answers unfolded and she began to make real changes in her life, Laura realized she had discovered a system for permanent weight loss that could help others as effectively as it had helped her. Her Stop Dieting For Life system is a biblical, practical and responsible approach to overcoming the strongholds that make losing weight seem like a never-ending battle. Laura graduated from Wake Forest University with a B.S. in Exercise Science, and holds certifications as a Life Coach and a Wellness Coach. Her educational background includes studies in physiology, nutrition, sports psychology, and exercise science.