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Laura E. Kelly

Laura E. Kelly is the owner and operator of Savvy Chick Media. She lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia. Laura graduated from Georgia Southern University with a degree in Journalism. Her professional background started with public relations, working with restaurants, small businesses and non-profit organizations. She quickly moved to specializing in new media. Some of her key clients include: Keep Georgia Safe – www.KeepGeorgiaSafe.org www.facebook.com/keepgeorgiasafe www.twitter.com/keepgeorgiasafe The Law Offices of Gary Martin Hays & Associates www.GaryMartinHays.com; www.facebook.com/TheSafetyLawyer www.facebook.com/GaryMartinHaysLaw www.twitter.com/GaryMartinHays Gary’s Bistro – www.GarysBistro.com www.facebook.com/GarysBistro www.twitter.com/GarysBistro She also provides articles and updates for the Elizabeth Smart Foundation (www.ElizabethSmartFoundation.org). When Laura is not working for her clients at Savvy Chick Media, you can find her food blogging on www.ViciouslyDelicious.com, running marathons and dishing up culinary creations in her kitchen.