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Laura Clancy

Laura Clancy is the proud owner of Muffin Toppled™ Fitness Coaching (www.Muffintoppled.com), writer of Wit and Fit™ and creator of the 12 week “Laugh, Cry and Lose Weight™” program. In another life, Laura counted beans; she holds a B.S. (that’s telling) in Accounting from George Mason University. Until 1999, the only weight that she had ever lifted was a fork fully overloaded with sweet food. In 1999, she began lifting weights with a personal trainer to lose weight between “birthin’ babies” and found that she was no longer “between birthin’.” After lifting weights through her entire pregnancy, she found lifting to be the magic potion to getting back to pre-pregnancy weight. Lifting ensured that she would not be fat for her 20th High School Reunion, but life interfered and lifting stopped after that reunion was done. Realizing the short lived success of the High-School Crush Diet Plan, Laura got serious and re-toppled her own muffin in a leap-of-faith step when she became a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Consultant at the National Personal Training Institute. She has never looked back. Laura is not only a trainer, she walks the walk! Laura is a competitive power lifter and holds two world records. She proudly lifts with the team, www.teamforcepowerlifting.com As a fitness professional living, loving, and laughing in Northern Virginia, she has found a few stories in her humor arsenal that she would like to share in order to inspire women everywhere to weight train and eat well. Currently, Laura trains clients of varying levels and consults on nutrition; but her real passion lies in giving seminars and workshops. She is also busy writing another book..the flood gates of words just will not stop. She finds the most joy in inspiring women that THEY CAN DO IT TOO... if they just step into the “man section” of the gym and believe in themselves. You can reach Laura at: [email protected] Or by calling 703-209-3085.