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Larry D. Goeckel, Jr.

Larry D. Goeckel, Jr. – Larry The Connector TM, saw what he wanted very early in life and filed a flight plan on how to obtain his goals and dreams. Tackled his education and paid his own way through University and Graduate School at “Harvard of The Skies”- Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, while garnering simultaneously Integrity, Character and Honor as a non- Commissioned Officer in the United States Navy Reserves, and honorably serving during the first Gulf War as a highly-decorated veteran. Larry has been an Entrepreneur and Business Leader for the last 20 years, having built, bought, sold and directed businesses. Larry learned over the last twenty years in Business that it is truly all about the right connections and the right relationships, earning the title among his respected clients of Larry The Connector TM. He is a Business Performance Advisor to small and medium-sized businesses for turnaround and impactful sustainable growth. Larry can be reached at: [email protected] www.LarryTheConnector.com “Simply put...Larry IS the CONNECTOR. If you want a sincere unconditional relationship with someone that will always be there for YOU and your successes, Larry is not only the guy, you will be remised if you don’t have him as part of your arsenal. Period!” ~ Jim Hayden-CEO Jim Hayden & Associates “With Larry’s expertise in reaching out to the decision makers in industry he has proven invaluable to the growth of our company. The dynamic energy Larry brings to our firm, he is absolutely magical when it comes to continually expanding our network of contacts and focusing in on opportunities to collaborate with other businesses in the market place. Whether your an established company or a new start-up you can count on Larry to bring the passion and lead the way with a sense of purpose for infinite growth and expansion of your business and connections.” ~ Brian Wimmer-President, Thompson-Wimmer, Inc. “If you had one chance to seize an opportunity that could change your business- Larry is it!” ~ Wells Leger-President, Clean Sweep Property Services