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Lamont Stephens

Lamont Stephens, also known as “the preacher”, is a best-selling author, speaker, entrepreneur, marketing, and business coach, who is sought out regularly for his expertise. Lamont is known for identifying hidden talents and resources within his clients and help them leverage that knowledge in the form of products. He founded Teach By DVD, Inc. in 2007, a company that produces and provides informational products nationwide. Teach By DVD, Inc. helps clients to develop their business through informational product creation and marketing. Critically acclaimed, Lamont Stephens’ “Product Money System”™ allows you start right where you are to create great looking products, put into a marketing system for both offline and online. There is no other easy to use system that takes you step-bystep on how he has created product after product. To learn more about Lamont Stephens, and how you can receive the free Special Report “Business Success Guide: 5 Foundational Principles for Every Business”, visit www.LamontStephens.com or call Toll-Free 1-888-DVD-Income (1-888-383-4626). www.LamontStephens.com