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La-Verne Parris

La-Verne Parris, also known as the Miracle Worker, is a best selling Life coach and Educator who is regularly sought out by actors, athletes, musicians, writers and artists for her unique and uncanny ability to guide them to their next levels of self-actualization. La-Verne insists that with each client’s successes, everything they have accomplished was already within them. “I only shine the light,” says La-Verne. “For they already know the way.” “La-Verne is known for her gently probing style of questioning that allows her to get to the root of the issue,” said Jane Doe. “She does this with the wisdom of someone who sees you in your totality without participating in any pre-planned ‘pity parties’ you might have scheduled that day.” “La-Verne virtually wills you to see positive qualities in yourself and in your personal journey, and she wins every time,” said John Doe. “La-Verne’s unique ability to separate issues and organize a person’s goals is without measure.” To learn more about La-Verne Parris you may contact her: [email protected] Tel: 917-705-5829 Follow La-Verne on Twitter: @LaVerne63