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Kit Mattson

Kit Mattson is a Christian Faith-filled father, husband, son, brother. He is the youngest of five kids. He gives his father, brothers, and wife all the credit for giving him the drive he needed for life, as well as creating a sense of perpetual competition in him to strive to be the best in everything he attempts or puts his mind to, from checkers to business to sports of all types. He wants to leave a Godly legacy for his kids, family and friends.

At the young age of 16, Kit started his first business and caught the entrepreneur bug and never looked back. Kit has owned and operated highly successful businesses in fitness, marketing, real estate, martial arts, and business consulting for over two decades.

His business philosophy is to make the ordinary extraordinary! From sales to outstanding customer service, the goal is simple: make everyone you come in contact with feel important.

Kit has been a world-class championship athlete in football and martial arts. He has been in numerous action films, films, infomercials, T.V. shows, print media, and newspapers. Has been a high fashion runway and print model. He has met people from President George W. Bush to Paul McCartney to Pastor Joel Osteen and Greg Laurie. He is really a been-there-done-that worldwide man.

His laser focus and self-discipline as well as his Mattson Legacy Secrets he accredits to his ultimate success, will be shared with you.

You can connect with Kit at: [email protected]