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Kimberley Borgens

Kimberley Borgens, CBC “Queen of Accountability” CEO - Be A Legacy “Don’t wait to leave a legacy, be one now and you will automatically leave one.” Kimberley Borgens is an award-winning entrepreneur, Professional Speaker, Certified Business Coach, Trainer and Author. She is a leading expert in business and personal accountability. She helps home-based business leaders focus on reaching their goals and build on their personal and professional development. She accomplishes this in a fun and empowering way through discovering limiting beliefs, competing commitments, building confidence and clear accountability. With 20 years experience as an entrepreneur, and ownership in five companies, she has the skill, from trial and error, to help you to be successful faster. Kimberley’s signature topic is Accountability In Action, where she speaks in a way that encourages, empowers and gets people into action. Kimberley has the ability to coach, consult and train in a wide entrepreneurial arena. Kimberley believes that without accountability in business, it creates more struggle and a feeling of not get getting where you want. When coaching, clients create tangible results through accountability and compassion. Her training helps people to gain skill, improve communication and save money. Kimberley is an accredited WABC Certified Business Coach and Coach Trainer. A former facilitator with Klemmer & Associates, former Faculty with DSWA Coach Excellence, she majored in Business Administration and Administration of Justice and is a graduate of Leadership Stockton and Leadership Lodi. She has earned business awards from the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce – Small Business of the Year and the Small Business Administration (SBA) Small Business of the Year Northern California Region, as well as many extraordinary service awards in business and development. Kimberley lives in California with her husband and is a mother of four children. Her passion for people has given her the ability to work with clients in Uganda, Mexico, Australia, Canada, Korea and the USA. Kimberley believes every household would benefit from a home-based business. The leadership lessons you learn as an entrepreneur are a huge benefit for families and personal growth and development.