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Kim Williams

Kim Williams, also known as “The Staging Broker™,” is a real estate marketing expert. She’s known for constantly asking the questions: “How is the market doing now? When is it going to turn? and How can I sell my listings quick and for more profit?” She founded the Real Estate Insider (REI) in 2009, a company that provides marketing services for clients statewide, focusing on sellers, and offering a menu of options to fit their specific situation and pocketbook, as well as providing tips and suggestions to help them with the marketing process and professional advice to get the property sold. REI also provides a unique teleseminar for FSBOs (For Sale by Owners) where they can dial in to listen and make comments regarding what the market is currently doing, what’s predicted, and how the mortgage rate change affects sellers, followed by a question and answer session. The Staging Broker™, a branch of REI established in 2011, is a staging, decluttering and organizing solutions service that helps clients create the “model home” look and feel in their own homes. Kim started REI because all homes are different and should have a customized marketing plan to cover what that unique property offers. To learn more about Kim Williams, The Staging Broker™, and how you can receive the free special report FSBO: Understanding Your Home, as well as search thousands of properties instantly, go to www.theInsideBroker.com, or call toll-free (800) 735-1398, ext. 1500.