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Kim Hodous

As a former high school history teacher, Kim Hodous had zero business experience. However, she went on to build a seven-figure business from her kitchen table. Her jewelry pieces have appeared in over 10 million catalogs, and her client list boasts names such as American Greetings, Reader’s Digest, and Nivea Skincare. Her work was recognized in 2007 when she was inducted into the Arkansas Small Business Hall of Fame. What she discovered through the rise of her business—from being a stay-at-home mom to being a CEO—is that how we show up creates a chain reaction that sets into motion predictable outcomes. When she looks back at every successful sale, every miraculous thing that happened in her business, she knows she set the stage for that by how she showed up. She’s now sharing that knowledge to help you learn how to show up, be bold and play big so you can experience a level of success greater than you ever have before. As a popular speaker, Kim’s presentations have taken her from intimate groups of 20 to conferences of 2,000. She shares her message of showing up, being bold and playing big, along with her original and unique material on work and life balance. Aside from being an author, Kim is also a sought after one-on-one coach and business mentor. Kim’s fun and no-nonsense style will help you show up, be bolder and play bigger than you ever have before. Please go to www.kimhodous.com to learn more about Kim’s books, products, coaching and speaking. You can contact her at [email protected] or (888) 784-7489.