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Kessea Moses

Kessea Moses is a Best Selling Author, a CFNS instructor, Founder and former CEO of Physicians ExamOne, President of Peace of Mind Diagnostics, and Co-Founder of Minnesota Wellness Coaching. Her expertise in Strength Rehabilitation (CSRS), Boot Camps, Wellness, and Nutrition make her one of the world’s number one go-to authorities in overall health.

At the age of only 42, Kessea was presented with an opportunity to retire. After much sole searching, she made a profound decision to do the opposite; Kessea expanded her operations with the single objective to help others become a survivor vs. a victim of circumstance. As a survivor herself, Kessea has undergone 10 knee surgeries, hip surgery, struggles with hip dysplasia, and faces dual hip and knee replacements in the years to come. At the age of 9, she overheard her doctors stating, “At the rate Kessea’s knees are declining, she will be in a wheelchair by the age of 25.”

At the age of 14, Kessea experienced the loss of her brother to suicide and shortly thereafter, her father was diagnosed with cancer and in need of a heart transplant. Experiences of childhood abuse lead to a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and at the age of 39, she started treatment for epilepsy; Kessea understands physical and metal challenges.

The messages from “Kessea’s beginning” played repeatedly in her head. She didn’t feel she could keep herself safe and she felt happiness was impossible. It was at the point of hitting “bottom” that she learned she was pregnant; pregnant for the 5th time, she had already lost 4 children to miscarriages. Fortunately, this time was different, Kessea gave birth to a healthy baby girl. She also gave birth to a new life and a new body. That’s right, Kessea was considered high risk, restricted, and had gained over 70 pounds.

Kessea was successful in losing her pregnancy weight – which aided in her new-found courage to question what else she could accomplish if she put her mind to it. Within the next two years, Kessea developed an idea for a company, found customers to support it, and secured an opportunity to have her idea funded by a 3rd party. In 2001, she purchased the rights to this company and since has grown it to be a multimillion-dollar organization.

Within this same time period, Kessea gave birth to another healthy baby girl, and was faced once again with the task of losing another 70 pounds. Yet, this time was different. She was also met with a slowing metabolism. Limited by western medicine, Kessea set out to learn everything she could regarding body transformation. In 2009, she reached her goal of 16 % body fat and has kept the extra weight off since.

Presently, Kessea has dedicated her career to helping others reach their wellness goals and sharing her secrets for Body Transformation. In 2013, Kessea participated in her first 5K. She placed first and second, during the same race, but that is a story for another book.