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Kelly Colby

Kelly Colby, known best as “The Rejuvenation Girl” is a speaker, author, and a wellness expert that is regularly sought out by the media and people for her opinion on wellness and rejuvenation matters. Kelly has been seen speaking throughout the USA and her written work has appeared around the world. Kelly is known for constantly asking the question, “What is the core issue causing a problem in the body?” Kelly is the spokesperson and champion for Liquid Stem Cells, a company that provides a person’s own stem cells in a liquid form. Liquid Stem Cells gives continual support for the body for rejuvenation. Kelly turned to stem cells after her child became sick and realized the rejuvenation power held within the cells of each person’s body. What sets Liquid Stem Cells apart is the company uses a (w)holistic approach to stem cell science, known as intuition-based science. This company and approach is the first of its kind. Apart from Liquid Stem Cells, Kelly created a private, exclusive, members-only global association of individuals dedicated to achieving personal freedom, dynamic health, and emotional well-being. This is a unique and ground-breaking rejuvenation program that specifically targets a person’s own natural stem cells within their own body to induce rejuvenation. Critically acclaimed as the “Fountain of Youth in a Bottle”, Liquid Stem Cells are just that because there is no other wellness system that puts the power and ease of real time results for rejuvenation on autopilot. To learn more about Kelly Colby, The Rejuvenation Girl and how you can receive the free Special Report on “Your Fountain of Youth: 7 Powerful Reasons Why You Need Stem Cells for Rejuvenation,” visit: www.ResonantEssence.com or email to: Kelly@ KellyColby.com.