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Katie Joy

Katie Joy is a globetrotter, travelling the world sprinkling her magic wherever she goes, breathing life and enthusiasm into those she meets with her enlightened perspectives, personal experiences, sense of candid humor, and educating with practical steps to create the life of your dreams. She energizes people into action with her effervescent joy. Her vivacious yet grounded presence brings forth teachings with fun, laughter, joy and new insights to see the gifts each person has in life. Her exceptional view of life, philosophy and enlightened understanding of how to create life on your own terms is transforming the lives of millions. As a researcher, writer, speaker, life coach, philosopher and retired paramedic, her studies and life experiences have made her a leading expert on how to consciously create your ideal lifestyle by design, healing, human potential and philosophy. Katie retired in 2008 at age 32. She’s been traveling the world full time since, visiting some of the most exotic and sometimes adventurous spots in the world, and hanging out with some of the biggest movers and shakers. A self-made millionaire, twice over, Katie lives the life of her dreams with those she loves. It’s a remarkable life! Get your Free Gift from Katie Joy: How to Create Your Vision Board to Get Results e-book and bonus video (valued at $97) at www.TheGlobalButterfly.com/nbnvbgift