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Kathy Wensel

Kathy Wensel is a professional in travel, real estate(agent), retail and wholesale, marketing sales, commercials, model and teacher. Now, an Entrepreneur, Radio Show Guest Across America, Author, Writer(Articles) Real Estate Investor, Speaker and TV Host. Widener University – 1984 Graduate – Pollitical Science – Sociology – Management Wrote “FREEDOM IS...A Book/Journal with a Twist.” October 2008 One of America’s PremierExperts® Contact information: ALL ABOUT FREEDOM TV SHOW HOST (Wednesday - 3PM EST) – http://www.realcoachingradio.net/content/live-studio-call-vip-show-hot-line-303-872-0503 Website: www.KathyWensel.com Twitter.com/kathywensel Facebook.com/kathleenwensel Linkedin.com/kathleenwensel [email protected]