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Karla Silver

Meet the “Luxury Vagabond” known as Karla Silver -- an accomplished entrepreneur, best-selling author, and passionate advocate for Lifestyle Design.

Karla was born on the East Coast of the US, but calls the world her home. Living an nontraditional life, Karla and her husband elected to put all of their "stuff" in storage back in 2008 and have lived all over the globe since. As "luxury vagabonds," they have lived in California, Spain, Hawaii, Acapulco, Portugal, Italy, France, Bahamas, Mexico, and most recently Palm Springs, California.

Karla is a powerhouse entrepreneur, speaker and internet marketer. Purely for fun, she dabbles in writing, art, cooking, and golf.

Karla Silver has a solid background in Business Development, Management and Internet marketing as well as Direct Sales. Karla’s track record of success spans 30+ years, including working with various startups such as MTV: Music Television and Excite.com. She has built successful sales teams worldwide while creating innovative solutions for many of the top brands in the world.

In the last few years, Karla has:

• Launched a bestselling book

• Co-founded a company that provides online marketing solutions to local businesses in North America

• Helped thousands of entrepreneurs succeed online

• Co-created the Super Saturday Spirit Sale

Contact Information
Karla Silver
949 313 7968
[email protected]