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Karen Leung

Karen Leung (aka Karen K. Leung), also known as “The Best Wordpress Expert”, is a best-selling author and marketing expert that is regularly sought out by local small business owners for her opinion on marketing campaigns that really work. Karen is known for constantly asking the question, “How can she help local small business owners to get more visitors, how to turn visitors into customers and eventually how to increase sales?” She is “The Best Wordpress Expert”, built business owners the “DoneformeWordpressWebsite”, and recently founded the “DigiSpace Rental Marketing” Company, which provides advertising space and marketing for local business owners. It also provides advertising tracking and campaigns for clients nationwide. Her goal is to help millions of people become successful in life. To learn more about Karen Leung, the Best Wordpress Expert, and how you can receive the Free Marketing Library to Kick Start Your Online Business, visit: KarenKLeung.com. Visit http://buildinstantwebbusiness.com to receive Free Online Business Building videos. www.KarenKLeung.com www.theBestWordpressExpert.com www.hirewordpressexpert.com www.wordpressexpertforhire.com www.KarenKLeung-OneChickMillions.com www.instantbuildwebbusiness.com www.persuasiveonlinecopywriting.com www.newautomationnet.com www.howtomasterfacebookadvertising.com/freetraining/ www.ecoachingsecretsrevealed.com/freetraining/ www.gurublueprintforhighticketsellingsuccess.com/freetraining/